About me

I’m a doctoral candidate in Toronto, Canada, studying at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. Once a former and again current EAP professor, I am also a curriculum designer/teacher-trainer in higher education. I develop online and blended learning courses, work on curriculum development, produce webinars for TESL Ontario, and am an instructor for pre-service ESL teachers. In the past, I was the chair of TESL Ontario’s Social Content Committee, in which I oversaw all of TESL Ontario’s social media platforms. My research is in self-directed professional development in digital networks.

I started keeping this blog when I felt disconnected from teaching and wanted to try new things with educational technology. I used to do a poor job of posting regularly, and my posts usually relate not only to my research, English language teaching, language teacher education, or education more generally, but I also write when something moves me to share my thoughts.

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