I’d been waiting…for a weekend like this (with apologies to Foreigner)

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

A week ago today I sent my proposal to my supervisor for feedback and review. I didn’t feel ready to share but, as a friend pointed out, “Just get that shit done and send it. You will never be happy with your writing.”

I hate it when people get me.

I was determined to push it off my desk and onto my supervisor’s for the weekend, and I did not open my email for three days so that I could have a weekend. Be normal.

Here in Ontario, what is called Family Day Weekend was the first time in a long while for me to experience normalcy. The first two months of the new year have whirled past: my new job I’m getting used to, I’m back in the language learning classroom as a teacher, and, well, there’s that candidacy I have to declare this year.

So this past weekend I:

  • went to the gym twice
  • went for AYCE sushi
  • ate out a second time
  • watched a movie with Thing 3 “from my olden times”. (You’ve Got Mail has stood up well after all these years)
  • listened to podcasts
  • read a non-academic book
  • went for a long walk in the cold sunshine
  • baked muffins and a babka
  • roasted peppers on the barbeque
  • cleaned the house
  • slept eight hours each night

Nothing remarkable, but combined with the sunshine on Monday, it charged my battery. I didn’t realize it had drained so much.

I’ve also missed writing here. I had ideas for writing, but no time. I jotted them down in a notebook. There might be a short story there.

My next post returns to #MyResearch. I am determined with my PhD not to make the same disastrous writing mistakes I made when working on my thesis. I’ll share how I have attempted to avoid those errors.


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