Taking #MyResearch Offline

Evening Sky, no filter by Anna Bartosik

short update:

I changed the theme on my blog and I am not completely happy. I like how the posts are arranged on the landing page and the san serif fonts in my new posts appeal to me. I don’t appreciate that I can find where the code for the font colours is on my header but WordPress won’t allow me to make changes to the preset themes; I have no access to editing, I have only options for equally unreadable colours on my header image, which I am loathe to change. I can make html edits in other places on my page, but not there. No time to export the content again and re-theme. I’ll have to take another photo of that road (heading in that direction this week) with less exposure and see if that can be my workaround.

Another proposal submitted to AAAL last week. One acceptance to the Global Online Learning Summit; now I have a hard deadline for my literature review. The Social Media and Society Conference I attended this past weekend has a CFP already for next year, due January. I think I can have preliminary data by this time next year to analyse. The International AELFE-TAPP 2020 Conference is another one for me to work towards (deadline October) as well as #AILA2020 (CFP deadline in September). I’m using conference deadlines as a way to give myself goals and remain motivated.

working offline

Doing a lot of grunt work in preparation to work offline for a few weeks. I need to make sure my Google Sheets are updated with anything that I’ve been housing in the cloud and convert both sets of Google Sheets to Excel files so that I can work on them offline. I also have to ensure my PDFs in OneNote are still annotable and available offline. I’m downloading as much as I feel comfortable reading onto my iPad – not just academic stuff, but two Ann Patchett books – Bel Canto and Commonwealth. I have had a complicated relationship with Life of Pi – I cannot seem to get past the first few chapters each time I try to read it. This has been ongoing for at least six years. I am going to force myself to get through it 🙂 Please, not another English Patient – had no patience for the book or the movie. Respect, Elaine.

When I establish connection with the humans again, I’ll make good use of my NodeXL product key and begin my pilot study.

A bonus: I’ll be back to writing my blog posts in Word. Can’t tell you how happy that makes me. Writing within WordPress challenges me. I tend to cut out a lot of what I write, but I keep a running page at the bottom of each Word document with those ideas or sentences I can’t bear to delete; I never know when I might return to them. Writing with minimal editing within WordPress removes that possibility.

This girl is ready to work and enjoy.

What do make of a stick on the beach?
Arranged by Thing Two. Photographed by Anna Bartosik

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